Simplastics offers the largest selection of plastic parts bins, containers and totes at the guaranteed lowest prices. Our plastic parts bins are perfect for storing, organizing, labeling, and distributing all types parts, inventory and supplies, whether small or large. Parts bins are industrial strength and long lasting storage solutions that are available in many different colors and sizes. Please contact us for any assistance or volume quote requests.


How Retailers Use Parts Bins on Display & In Stock Rooms

Any retail or distribution business that deals with lots of customers and orders or lots of shipments can benefit greatly from using parts bins. Parts bins help businesses organize and store their inventory and supplies in an effective and efficient way that will lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales by decreasing downtime, errors and stock/inventory issues. For retailers, parts bins can be used in a few different ways. You can use them on display in the store to hold and organize inventory for customers to see your products as they browse your store. Retailers also use parts bins behind the scenes in stock rooms and inventory closets. A properly organized stock room improves a retail operation in so many ways. With properly labeled or color coded parts bins, employees can quickly find whatever items may be out of stock on the showroom floor. Replenishing inventory is made simple when the proper parts bins are utilized.

How Warehouses, Distribution Centers, Fulfillment Centers & Other Industrial Settings Use Parts Bins

Organization is critical for any warehouse, distribution center or fulfillment center, and plastic parts bins play a major role in optimizing the process of getting properly organized. Parts bins are perfect for storing and organizing all different types of parts and supplies that make it easy to always find exactly what's needed. Warehouses use these bins to store items such as fasteners, hardware, parts, hoses, valves, clothing as well as many other items. For a lot more details on warehouse storage bins, totes and containers, click here.

Shelving with Parts Bins & Containers

Parts bins can purchased along with shelving as a complete package offering you the most efficient solutions for parts storage. Whether you want wire shelving or steel shelving, our parts bins shelving packages offer you many options in hundreds of different sizes. You can use any of the parts bins listed below on any of our shelving units and the wire shelving units can be made mobile. Many people also use parts bins on rail carts, panels or cabinets.

Most Popular Styles of Parts Bins for Storage




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