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Clear Plastic Bins for Storage

Simplastics® offers a wide variety of Clear Plastic Bins for Storage that are suitable for all environments and products. Our Clear Storage Bins are heavy duty and available in various different shapes and sizes, ensuring that we have a bin for whatever items you need to store. Clear bins are so popular because they allow you to quickly identify and locate specific parts, making sure you minimize downtime and frustration caused by the need to search for inventory.

Features of Clear Plastic Storage Bins

Simplastics® storage bins are the industry standard for quality. They are designed with specific features that help maximize usability and durability for all applications. They are manufactured from very strong, tri-clear polypropylene and have front, back and side grips for easy handling and transportation. Many of them have slots for optional dividers allowing you to create multiple compartments within each bin. They also have an open hopper front so you can easily reach in and grab out whatever you need. All of our clear storage bins are very easy to clean, resistant to rust and corrosion and are impervious to most chemicals.

Styles of Clear Plastic Storage Bins that We Offer

Simplastics® offers the following styles of bins in clear: stackable bins, hanging bins, dividable bins and many other styles. You can use any of these as stand alone storage solutions or you can use them on shelving units or pick racks. The clear shelf bins (non-stackable) are great for any situation where the bins can simply rest on a counter or shelving unit. They are less expensive than stacking bins due to the fact that there is less material required to manufacture them (since they don't need to be strong enough to stack). The lower price is why shelf bins are also referred to as "economy shelf bins". The clear stacking bins are designed with front, back and side grips for easy handling.  These stackable bins can also be used as hanging bins since they are designed with a rear lip that is compatible with any of our louvered panel or rail systems. Stackable bins and shelf bins have optional dividers (dividers are not clear) so you can create multiple compartments inside each bin. In addition to those, we also offer clear giant stack containers which have a very wide open hopper front, providing easy access for storing large items. These giant stack containers can stack up to 6 high and are very easy to clean. If you need clear plastic storage bins with lids, your best bet is the clear stack and nest totes or the clear dividable grid containers. Stack and Nest Totes are perfect when you need a heavy duty clear bin with a lid for a warehouse or distribution center. These totes are frequently used on conveyor belts to transport materials throughout the production, picking and packing stages of your facility. Stack and nest totes have optional lids and can be stacked with our without the lids. Clear dividable grid boxes (with optional lids) are great for storage, kitting, distribution, assembly, and fabrication applications. Grid containers are one of the safest and most efficient options for compartmentalizing and protecting your parts. Grid containers have optional length and width dividers allowing you to create multiple compartments inside each container.

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Why Purchase Clear Bins from Simplastics®?

Since 2004, Simplastics® has been providing the guaranteed lowest prices on storage bins.  We have the largest selection of sizes and styles and our bins are in stock and ready to be shipped. 

If you’re looking for reliable and affordable plastic storage bins, we’ve got you covered. If you would like assistance deciding which are the best for your storage needs, we are standing by to help you figure out the best solution.  If you've ever purchased plastic storage bins somewhere else, you paid too much! 

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