Clear Tip Out Bins

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Simplastics Clear Tip Out Bins give you an easy, efficient and affordable way to increase the storage space for all of your small to medium sized items, parts or supplies. These space saving bins are perfect for any environment ranging from the home to hospitals and doctors offices, retail stores and repair shops. These are so useful in office settings because they help keep your parts organized, visible, easy to find and in stock. Tip out bins have clear cups that tilt out at 45-degree angle allowing you to easily remove or refill parts or supplies. You can organize thousands of supplies, tools, parts and accessories with our clear tip out bins.

Sizes & Features of Tip Out Bins

Simplastics Clear Tip Out Bins are available in 7 sizes and 3 colors. The tip out bins have clear cups that tilt out but the housing units around the cups are available in either Gray, White or Ivory. All of the tip out bin units are 2 feet wide (with the exception of TOB501) although each model has different size compartments that tip out. So you can have 1 bin with anywhere from 1 compartment all the way up to 9 individual compartments that tip out. The fewer the amount of compartments, the larger the size of each compartment (for example, the compartments on part TOB502 are a lot larger than the compartments on TOB503, TOB504, TOB505, TOB506 & TOB509). For our customers that are looking for wall mounted tip out bins, we have preconfigured setups that include wall frames which allow you to have the bottom bin elevated off of the ground or resting at floor level. The frames are available in 3 different heights (24", 48" and 70") so we can customize a setup to fit your existing space.

Industries that benefit from Tip Out Bins

Simplastics Tip Out Bins are utitlized by a wade range of people across all industries, such as healthcare, dental, pharmacy, retail, repair/maintenance, manufacturing and they're even great for residential storage. For the healthcare, dental and pharmacy industries, these bins are extremely popular since they are dust-proof, easy to wash and see through. Tilt out bins allow the office staff to easily identify when supplies are running low so they know when and what to re-order so you always have the necesarry inventory.



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