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Why Choose Simplastics® Shelf Bins?

Simplastics® Plastic Shelf Bins are the most common replacement for cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes.  While cardboard boxes get worn out and need to be replaced frequently, Simplastics® shelf bins are made from high density polypropylene which makes them heavy duty, long lasting, reliable, easily washed, and most importantly, affordable.  Shelf Bins nest inside of each other when empty to help conserve space and they have multiple divider slots so that you can create compartments within each bin.  All of Simplastics® plastic shelf bins are available in various sizes and colors and are designed to sit perfectly on shelving units of all different sizes (click here to view complete packages of shelving units with bins)


The Benefits of Plastic Shelf Bins

Plastic Shelf Bins for storage are extremely popular for many different reasons. First, they are designed with an open hopper front which allows you to easily reach in the bin and grab what is needed without having to search for the right bin or move anything to access it. This makes it easy to use shelf bins for order picking or part storage. Another reason they are so useful is due to their size options. The name shelf bins comes from the fact that these bins are made in sizes that fit shelves perfectly. While there are various widths (left to right) and heights (4”, 6” or 8”) to choose from, the depths (front to back) are either 12”, 18” or 24”, ensuring they will fit on your shelves and help maximize the space that you have available. These bins also have a built-in rear hanglock which will allow you to tilt the bin out and have complete access to its contents even when it is sitting on a shelving unit. Many warehouses or distribution centers use shelf bins back to back on shelving units allowing you to pick products from either side.  Also, these economical bins have multiple divider slots as well as label slots allowing you to store and separate many different products or parts within one bin and properly label it so you can quicly locate whatever parts you're looking for. Plastic shelf bins will not spread or crack when they are loaded and they are resistant to water, oil and grease.


 Cost Benefit of Using Shelf Bins for Storage

Since these bins are not stackable and do not need to bear the weight of other bins stacked on top of them, less material is required to manufacture them which keeps the cost down for you. This is why they’re commonly referred to as Economy Shelf Bins. The fact that shelf bins don’t stack does not affect their durability or their ability to safely and efficiently store some of your most valuable parts. Plastic Shelf Bins are still heavy duty and made for industrial use to help store, sort, organize, locate and pick products. Our reliable shelf bins will outlast corrugated boxes or corrugated bins, easily paying for themselves in reduced replacement costs.


  Color Choices & Accessory Options

These bins are great for anyone who is looking to color code their inventory or picking systems. The 4" high bins are available in 7 colors (including clear). The 6" and 8" bins are available in 3 colors (including clear). These color choices make organization and inventory management simple and efficient. If you are looking to keep multiple items inside of one bin, shelf bins make that a breeze by utilizing dividers. Shelf bin dividers go horizontally across (left to right) and can easily be labeled. Each bin has multiple divider slots allowing for multiple compartments within one bin. The 4" high bins have 7 divider slots, the 6" high bins have 8 divider slots and the 8" high bins have 7 divider slots. Also, there are optional bin cups which go inside the shelf bins to allow you to store many different small parts inside each bin. The bin cups can be easily removed so you can access the contents of it. These cups are available in either Blue or Yellow. If you want to label your bins or the dividers, shelf bins have a built in label slot in the front and we have clear label holders and inserts which fit perfectly into that slot. These are sold in packs of 25 and fit each bin. Other ways to label these bins are by using our extended label holders which come in two options, 10 degree or 45 degree angles.


Simplastics® Shelf Bins are Used in Various Settings & Multiple Industries

  • - Hospitals use shelf bins for supply room storage
  • - Pharmacies use shelf bins for medication storage
  • - Warehouses use shelf bins on shelving units to hold inventory
  • - Distribution centers use shelf bins to hold inventory that will be shipped to retail stores
  • - Fulfillment centers use shelf bins to hold products waiting to be purchased and shipped
  • - Retail stores use shelf bins on display to hold products
  • - Hardware stores use shelf bins to hold screws, nuts and bolts on their shelves


Why Purchase Plastic Shelf Bins from Simplastics®?

Since 2004, Simplastics® has been providing the guaranteed lowest prices on plastic shelf bins.  We have the largest selection of sizes and colors and our bins are in stock and ready to be shipped.  If you would like assistance finding or customizing a shelving unit to meet your exact needs, we're here to help. Contact Simplastics® for volume quotes and discounts and don't forget to ask about our Low Price Guarantee!


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