Shelf Bins

Why Choose Simplastics® Shelf Bins?

Simplastics® Plastic Shelf Bins are the most common replacement for cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes.  While cardboard boxes get worn out and need to be replaced frequently, Simplastics® shelf bins are heavy duty, long lasting, reliable, easily washed, and most importantly, affordable.  Shelf Bins nest inside of each other when empty to help conserve space and they have multiple divider slots so that you can create compartments within each bin.  All of Simplastics® plastic shelf bins are available in various sizes and colors and are designed to sit perfectly on shelving units of all different sizes (click here to view complete packages of shelving units with bins)


Simplastics® Shelf Bins are Used in Various Settings & Multiple Industries

  • - Hospitals use shelf bins for supply room storage
  • - Pharmacies use shelf bins for medication storage
  • - Warehouses use shelf bins on shelving units to hold inventory
  • - Distribution centers use shelf bins to hold inventory that will be shipped to retail stores
  • - Fulfillment centers use shelf bins to hold products waiting to be purchased and shipped
  • - Retail stores use shelf bins on display to hold products
  • - Hardware stores use shelf bins to hold screws, nuts and bolts on their shelves


Why Purchase Plastic Shelf Bins from Simplastics®?

Since 2004, Simplastics® has been providing the guaranteed lowest prices on plastic shelf bins.  We have the largest selection of sizes and colors and our bins are in stock and ready to be shipped.  If you would like assistance finding or customizing a shelving unit to meet your exact needs, we're here to help. Contact Simplastics® for volume quotes and discounts and don't forget to ask about our Low Price Guarantee!


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