About Us

About Us


Since 2004, Simplastics® has been saving customers money and time, providing ideas and solutions using the products we sell.

When you call 1-800-966-9090 during our business hours... you are guaranteed to be answered by a knowledgeable staff member who can guide you and provide ideas, pricing, shipping quotes or volume discounts. (try that with some of the giant companies out there).

We supply pharmacy storage bins, warehouse containers, totes for conveyors, ESD Conductive bins, Antistatic Containers for Data Centers, Dental Tip Out bins, Stainless Steel Shelving units with both wire shelving and solid shelving. If you need custom size nylon cart covers, call us to discuss colors and materials.

Simplastics is your source for premium brand storage bins and containers from Quantum Storage, Akro-Mils, Lewis Bins, Orbis and Buckhorn. Simplastics and the manufacturers it represents, are in tune with market and industry needs to constantly update, improve and invent new products.

While we use heavily discounted rates with FedEx and UPS, corporate customers are welcome to use their own logistics. Contact us should you prefer using purchase orders, we can make our portal available for you to use PO numbers.

UPS or FedEx shipments typically leave the factory within 2~3 business days of order processing. Truck orders typically ship within 4~5 business days. .

Call Simplastics® today 800-966-9090 USA or 305-866-3000 International and let us help you with your storage requirements.

Purchase Orders can be sent via email to sales@simplastics.com