Stackable Storage Bins

Why Choose Stackable Bins?

Stackable Bins, Containers and Totes help you save time and money, making them the most common and popular storage solutions for parts of any size. Whatever kind of supplies, inventory or parts you’re looking to store or organize, stackable bins provide you with a heavy-duty, reliable and economic solution. Our stackable bins have an open hopper front which allows you to have easy access to the contents of the bins, even when they are stacked.  Simplastics® stacking bins are commonly used in Pharmacies, Hospitals, Doctor’s offices, Warehouses, Basements, Garages, Offices, Homes and anywhere else where storage and organization is critical.

Simplastics® Stackable Storage Bins Can Also Hang

Have you ever noticed plastic bins that are hanging from a wall mounted panel or floor stand?  There is a good chance that those bins are part of Simplastics® stacking bin collection.  Most of these bins are designed with a lip allowing them to be used as wall mounted bins or even be hang from floor stands and racks.  To purchase wall mounted panels (with or without bins), click here.

Why Purchase Stackable Plastic Bins from Simplastics®?

Since 2004, Simplastics® has been providing the guaranteed lowest prices on stacking bins.  We have the largest selection of sizes and colors and our bins are in stock and ready to be shipped.  If you would like assistance deciding which stacking bins are best for your needs, we are standing by to help you figure out the best solution.  If you've ever purchased stacking bins somewhere else, you paid too much!  Contact Simplastics® for volume quotes and discounts and don't forget to ask about our Low Price Guarantee!

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