Simplastics offers the largest selection of warehouse storage bins, totes and containers at the guaranteed lowest prices. Our warehouse totes & bins are specifically designed for organizing, storing, transport, picking and distribution as well as on conveyor belts in warehouses and distribution or fulfillment centers. Please contact us for any assistance or volume quote requests.


Warehouse Storage Bins, Totes and Containers - What Are They Used For?

Plastic storage bins and totes provide warehouses and distribution centers with long lasting, heavy duty solutions that helps improve the supply chain. Whether your warehouse is full of small parts that need to be organized, micro chips that need to be protected, or clothing that needs to be efficiently stored, warehouse storage bins and totes will help you maximize productivity while reducing downtime and human errors. Rather than having to replace old and worn out cardboard boxes, storage bins provide warehouses with solutions that are long lasting, heavy duty, waterproof, easily washed and resistant to chemicals.

Warehouse Picking Bins - Pick Inventory & Supplies Faster & More Accurately

Warehouse bins are perfect for storing and organizing all different types of parts and supplies. Warehouses use these bins to store fasteners, hardware, parts, hoses, valves, clothing as well as many other items. Picking bins are perfect for any warehouse that needs to pick inventory or supplies quickly and without errors. These bins are helpful since you will always know where each supply or piece of inventory is located, allowing you to quickly pick that item for internal use or to fulfill a sale. Bins used for picking typically have open hopper fronts and can either stack on top of each other or nest inside of one another when empty.

Warehouse Totes for Storage, Transport, Shipping & Transfer Applications

Plastic Totes are the most common choice in warehouses and distribution or fulfillment centers for storage, transport, transfer & shipping applications. These heavy duty totes have optional lids and can stack (with or without the lids) or nest (when empty) to help save valuable space. Warehouse totes are heavy duty, reliable & waterproof and they will not rust, corrode or bend. Plastic containers and totes are frequently used on conveyors since their textured bottoms provide a safe and easy non-slip grip. The quality of these totes provides warehouses with a longer service life which in turn leads to lower replacement costs.

Warehouse Shelving with Bins & Containers

For optimal supply chain, logistics and inventory management, warehouses use shelving systems with plastic bins. There are many options of shelving and bin packages.

Most Popular Bins & Containers for Warehouse Use





Guide For How Warehouses & Distribution Centers Should Use Any of the Bins or Containers Listed Above

Read this guide to learn how you can use plastic bins, totes and containers in your warehouse to improve supply chain and material handling processes. Stacking bins offer a strong & versatile container that stacks together and can also hang on louvered panels, racks, carts, and rails. Stacking bins can also be used as a shelf bin, or together with workbenches and workstations. Stacking bins are perfect for picking items to fulfill orders or replenish inventory in distribution centers. These bins range from 4" deep to 42" deep and are commonly used on pallet racks or shelving racks. Stacking bins have optional dividers allowing you to use each bin for multiple parts. Economy shelf bins are low cost storage and organization bins that can nest inside of each other when empty to conserve valuable warehouse space. Shelf bins do not stack but have multiple divider slots allowing you to efficiently store inventory, supplies or parts of any type. Shelf bins are the most economical way to store parts and components on shelving racks in your warehouse. These bins are available in 12" deep, 18" deep and 24" deep with multiple width options for each depth. Stacking and Nesting Containers and Totes are strong, durable, reliable and perfect for storing and transporting supplies and parts throughout your warehouse or distribution center. Stack and Nest Totes are frequently used on conveyor belts and have optional lids. These conveyor totes are available in nine different sizes and four colors, including clear.

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